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Serving Chippewa Valley Area Schools

A licensed athletic trainer visits area schools on a regular schedule during the academic school year. Athletes either see the athletic trainer at the school in the athletic training room or sign-up in the school office. Athletic trainers are in attendance at many high school home athletic events. They are also available for community athletic events. For more information, contact Aaron Rouse at 715-832-1400.

The licensed athletic trainer will:

  • Evaluate the athlete's injury/condition and determine a course of action
  • Give the athlete instructions for the treatment of their injury/condition
  • Recommend exercises to help rehab the injury
  • Indicate any modifications in practice
  • Refer the athlete to the appropriate medical care as necessary (emergency room, physician, Concussion Clinic, etc.)

If the athletic trainer determines that the injured athlete should seek further medical attention (non-emergency), a referral to their family physician or other medical specialist is made and follow-up with the athletic trainer is encouraged.

If your child is injured during athletic activity, they can easily see the athletic trainer at their school for assessment of their injury or you can call our office at 715-832-1400 to schedule an appointment. If you suspect your child may have sustained a concussion, Wisconsin Concussion Law requires that your child be evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional that is trained to evaluate and treat concussions prior to returning to athletic activity. Have your child see the athletic trainer at their school.

Additional Features of Our Athletic Training Program

  • Athletic physicals on scheduled dates for high school athletes
  • Actively participate in the use of the ImPACT program in the high schools for concussion management since 2002
  • WIAA Certified Wrestling Skinfold Measurers
  • Sports Metrics jump training for the prevention of ACL injuries
  • Seminars and instructional workshops to coaches and the community

About Our Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals, recognized by the American Medical Association, who specialize in prevention, diagnosis, and management of injuries that result from physical activity. Our staff of experienced athletic trainers work closely with our sports medicine team of board certified orthopedic surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants as physician extenders in the clinic and assist in surgery to provide high quality patient care. In addition to their clinic and surgery hours, our athletic trainers are at area high schools and with sports teams, including Eau Claire Express Baseball, providing excellent care to Chippewa Valley athletes. Our athletic training outreach program has been providing top-notch care to the Chippewa Valley since 1986.

Graduation from an accredited Bachelor's or Master's collegiate athletic training degree program is required for BOC certification. The candidate must then pass a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification, Inc. Once certified, ongoing continuing education requirements must be met to remain certified and abide by standards of professional conduct and ethics. Athletic trainers in Wisconsin are required to be licensed medical providers by the State of Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association National Athletic Trainers Association Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association


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