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Dr. Drawbert did knee surgery on me yesterday and did a great job. This will be my third knee surgery in two years. This is the first surgery I have had done at the Oakleaf surgery center and I can tell you already I am extremely pleased. Every single person I dealt with yesterday, From the moment I walked into the door was so kind and made me feel extremely comfortable. My RN AJ is so good at her job!! The woman who wheeled me into the operating room was so kind and extremely compassionate. All of the people in the operating room were extremely kind and made me feel really comfortable as well. I cannot say one bad thing about one single person I encountered yesterday. This experience was so much different from my last two knee surgeries I have had at a different medical center.

Dr. Drawbert got the floating body out of my knee that my last doctor said he could not find and said I was probably just making this up in my mind.... and in my dumbed down version, He leveled out my kneecap which is going to help with the pain and I’m feeling which is something that has never been brought to my attention before (Lateral Release).You can tell he knows what he is doing and what people say about him is true. I highly recommend Dr. Drawbert!! Excellent work to everyone at Oakleaf!!

- B M